O N T A R I O:

Toronto: Radio Maria Canada on subcarrier of CHIN 100.7 FM (8,500 watts ERP, antenna 420.5 m HAAT). Radio Maria Canada, Box 215, Toronto, ON M6B4A1, or 1247 Lawrence Ave. West, M6L 1A12. Prof. Luigi Pautasso, dtr. Relays Italian programming of Radio Maria Italy, except for 2-3 hrs of local origination. E-mail: [email protected] Website: (Italian), (English). Founded April 5, 1995. (In the Archdiocese of Toronto)

Toronto: new 1610 AM (1,000 watts). San Lorenzo Latin American Community Center. Padre Hernan Astudillo, director.

Windsor: Canadian Catholic Radio (CCR). Internet radio station. Website: P.O. Box 7104, Windsor, Ontario N9C 3Z1, Canada. John Renaud, president. (519) 944-3168. E-mail: [email protected]

Q U E B E C:

Sherbrooke (Bromptonville), Quebec: CJRF-FM 89.5 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna 15 m HAAT). Catholic Parish of Ste-Praxède de Bromptonville, 35 Laroque St., P.O. Box 70, Sherbrooke (Bromptonville), PQ J0B 1H0. Tel.: (819) 846-2377, Fax: (819) 846-1818. Founded May 9, 1994. (Archdiocese of Sherbrooke)

Chitcoutimini: CION-FM2 Radio Galilée 106.7 FM (11,040 watts ERP, 554.4 m HAAT). Fondtion Radio Galilée. To repeat CION-FM Québec City. Archdiocese of Québec. cp granted 12/6/02.

Cloridorme: CJMC-FM-6 103.1 FM (5m ERP, antenna -43m HAAT)

Cookshire-Eaton: CILA-FM 88.1 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna 25 m HAAT). Paroisse St-Camille de Cookshire.

Crabtree: VF8022 106.5 FM (1 watt ERP, 11.9 m HAAT) Parish of the Sacred Heart, Crabtree QU. cp 1/21/03. Will broadcast liturgies and church services 10 hrs. per week.

Gatineau (Hull): VF8012 92.3 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna 3.5 m HAAT). Paroisse Saint-Joseph de Hull.

Grande Vallee: CJMC-FM-4 92.7 FM (15 watts ERP, antenna 189.4 m HAAT)

Gros Morne: CJMC-FM-5 92.7 FM (8 watts ERP, antenna 10.2 m HAAT)

La Guadeloupe: VF8003 92.7 FM (1 watt, -17.3m AHAAT). Notre-Dame de la Guadeloupe Parish.

Les Mechins: CJMC-FM-3 103.1 FM (30 watts ERP, antenna -19m HAAT)

La Patrie: VF8005 88.5 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna 0 m HAAT). Paroisse de La Patrie.

La Tuque: VF8010 94.1 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna -37.7 m HAAT) Paroisse Marie-Méediatrice.

Mont-Louis: CJMC-FM-2 92.7 FM (15 watts ERP, antenna 216.5 m HAAT)

Montmagny: VF8014 91.5 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna 30 m HAAT). Paroisse de Saint-Mathieu.

Montreal: Radio Maria Canada, on subcarrier of CIRA 91.3 FM (36,200 watts ERP, antenna 242.5 m HAAT). Relays Italian programming of Radio Maria Italy, with 2-3 hrs local programming. Radio Maria Canada, 7651 Avenue Papineau, Montreal PQ H2E 2HI. Tel.: (514) 728-1100, Fax 728-1272. E-mail: [email protected] See Toronto, Ontario. Founded December 16, 1996. (In the Archdiocese of Montreal)

Montreal: CIRA Radio Ville-Marie 91.3 FM (36,200 watts, antenna 242.5 m HAAT). "Au couer du monde spirituel; une nouvelle dimension de la radio." 505 Mont-Cassin Ave., H3L 1W7. (514) 382-3913, fax 858-0965. On air May 1, 1995. E-mail: [email protected] Website: Audiostreams on the Internet. (In the Archdiocese of Montreal)

Murdochville: CJMC-FM-8 103.1 FM (50 watts ERP, antenna 171.4 m HAAT)

Piopolis: VF8006 89.1 FM (1 watt, 400 m AGL). Parish of Piopolis, Quebec. French language programming.

Québec City: CION-FM Radio Galilée 90.9 FM (5,685 watts ERP, antenna 1,364 ft). “Une station au coeur de Québec.” Archdiocese of Québec. Fondation Radio Galilée, 2511 Chemin Ste-Foy, Ste 200, Sainte-Foy QU G1V 1T7. Tel.: (418) 659-9090, 650-1572, fax (418) 650-3306. E-mail (to archdiocese): [email protected] Dennis Veleux, general mgr. Website: (undeveloped). On the air September 19, 1995.

Rock Forest: VF8000 88.1 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna -10 m HAAT). Paroisse Saint-Roch.

Saint-Georges Ouest: VF8011 92.1 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna -15.4 m HAAT). Paroisse Saint-Georges d’Aubert-Gallion.

Sainte-Marthe: CJMC-FM-1 92.7 FM (50 watts ERP, antenna 46.3 m HAAT).

Sherbrooke: CJMC-FM Radio Ville-Marie 100.3 FM (2,510 watts ERP, antenna 275.5 m HAAT ) Sainte-Anne des Monts. Repeats CIRA Montreal. Radio Ville-Marie. 170 Boul. Ste. Anne (G0E 2GO), or C.P. 820. (418) 763-5522, 763-5523, fax 763-7211. On air September 20, 1998. (In the Archdiocese of Sherbrooke)

Sherbrooke: CFPP-FM 88.1 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna 5 m HAAT). Fabrique Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours Parish.

Trois-Rivières: CIRA-FM2 Radio Ville-Marie 89.9 FM (6,000 watts ERP, 46.8 m HAAT). Format: not on the air. Repeats CIRA Montreal. Radio Ville-Marie. 170 Boul. Ste. Anne (G0E 2GO) or C.P. 820. Tel.: (418) 763-5522, fax 763-7211. c.p. March 24, 2003. (In the Diocese of Trois-Rivières)

Weedon: VF8008 92.7 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna 22 m HAAT). Fabrique de la Paroisse St-Janvier de Weedon

Windsor: VF8009 88.1 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna 13 m HAAT). Fabrique de la Paroisse de St-Philippe de Windsor

Woburn: VF8004 88.1 FM (1 watt ERP, antenna -67m HAAT). Paroisse St-Augustin de Woburn.